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Special Education Services
Our school has a terrific setup for Children with Special Needs free of charge. The school caters to children with different disabilities and dedicatedly work towards the Individual needs of the students. Each child is assessed and based on the assessment using different tools an Individualized Educational Programme (IEP) is planned. Our dedicated staff ensures to change the perception of many by bringing about improvement in the students.



Therapeutic Services

Ours is one of the most extensive therapeutic set up as compared to different special schools. We have full time dedicated and qualified physiotherapist, Speech therapist and Occupational therapist which make our school shine. The team works inline with the special educators for the upliftment of the students. We are fortunate to have all the necessary machines and advanced equipments which allows us to provide free services to the students.


Behavior Management Programme

Behaviour management skill is one of the most important aspect when dealing with Children with Special Needs.Therefore, our staff gives utmost importance to lessen a challenging behaviour of students by altering the child's circumstances to make it less likely that the behaviour occurs. 

Our teachers are well verse with the importance to emphasizing at the outset that there is no one method that should be prescribed for any one problem and follows an essential step of understanding the child concern and develop a management programme, tailored for each child

Vocational Training
  1. Candle Making
  2. Disposable Dona & Pattal
  3. Coffee Making
  4. Cutting & Sewing
  5. Packing of items
  6. House-keeping

Job Placement
As a result of vocational training 6 students have been successfully trained.

1. Manjeet is employed at Chauhan Press & Printing.

2. Pradeep is employed for construction work.

3. Brij Mohan is employed at a packing company

4. Radha is employed at a packing company

5. Sonia is self- employed. She receives materials to stitch directly from clients.

6. Pankaj is employed at our school as an attendant.


Medical Facilities

The management bears all the medical expenses of students inneed of medical intervention during school hours.

Home Based Training Program

Home Based Training Program  is provided to students who are unable to attend school due to various unavoidable circumstances. The school give utmost importance to such children to maintain ongoing relationship and provide educational program, therapy and self help skills. Teachers also provide training and create awareness on rights & schemes to parents and other family members.

Early Intervention Service

Awareness of early intervention in slim as evidently seen in our school as children below 5 years are not few in the school records. Therefore, the need to set up an Early Intervention service is eminent. The teachers provide intervention presuming that the brain gets a second chance to revisit some of the developmental stages which have once been omitted or incomplete.

Special Sports Training Program

Various sporting events are organized to train staff and students to participate in District, State, National and International. sports training program and sports competition to train the staff and students.

Students have won in many events and have made an entry in different levels of competition.

Parents Guidance & Counseling

We provide psychological support & guidance to students in our school.They and their immediate families are helped to accept the disability and motivate them to become active participants in the rehabilitation process. 


Mid Day Meal

The noble deed of providing free lunch was implemented bearing in mind the financial background of students studying in the school from 1st April 2011.


You can also join us to serve these students by the sponsorship of Mid Day  Meal  worth Rs. 20,000 per month.

Vocational Training to Empower Women (Stitching Training Centre)
The importance of Women empowerment was felt at the time of the society's inception. Women of all ages enrolled themselves for a period of 6 months and more to be self dependent.

Sensory integration program

Sensory Integration is performed to assist students with Autism and Developmental disabilities who have difficulties in responding to different stimuli within and outside the school.

Training program in music & dance and active participation in the cultural activities

Extra curricular activities are important for Children with Special Needs. It gives them the opportunity to express through these activities and have helped in their overall development.

Educational trips & excursion Programs

Students get the opportunity to generalise what they have learnt through these programs. The school provides all paid trips and picnics for students every year.

Annual Surveys
Annual surveys are conducted to identify Children with Special Needs and create awareness about disability among the community.Every year new students are found and enrolled in the school from near by and far off villages.