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  1. To establish a school for Children with Special Needs (Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Hearing Impairement, Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities).
  2. To provide therapeutic services (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy) and other required medical services to the persons with special needs and those from BPL families within the society.
  3. To establish Vocational Training Centers for the training and independent living of persons with disabilities.
  4. To provide free medical services for persons with disabilities and those from  Below Poverty Line families within the society.
  5. To establish Vocational Training Centre for empowerment of Women and those from Below Poverty Line families within the society.
  6. To establish Sheltered workshop for persons with disabilities to make them independent by giving them more opportunity under the guidance and supervision of vocational rehabilitation experts.
  7. To sensitize the people towards the concept and provide maximum input in the area of Special Education.
  8. To organize medical camps for persons with disabilities and help them to get the disability certificate.
  9. To organize health awareness programme in the remote and rural area of district Sonepat.
  10. To provide qualitative and free educational services for the children belonging to labour class / poor and Below Poverty Line families.
  11. To organize blood donation camps from time to time with the help of blood banks and motivate people to donate blood to save the life of injured and those in need.
  12. To celebrate National Festivals and Important days of the year to create sense of National Integration.
  13. To promote the Inclusive Education inline with the Governments motto,"No Child left behind".
  14. To provide nutritious Mid-Day Meal to all the students studying in the school.
  15. To create the awareness of cleanliness, hygiene and save the environment by plantation of trees.